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Spyware hides and quietly monitors your online activity. It can record keystrokes and steal your passwords, credit card numbers, personal information, financial data and more. Spyware is extremely dangerous because it steals your identity and personal assets.

Phishing attacks
Unable to recognize phishing email
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Trojan Malware

Appearances aren’t always as they seem. This type of malware disguises itself as a normal application but once downloaded, can open the door to other malware. Trojans are popular because they are multifaceted and often go unnoticed. They can sit quietly in the background, collecting information or creating security openings for other malware to attack.

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Ransomware encrypts and locks you out of your system, demanding payment to access your files. Ransomware attackers steal crucial data that they know people will pay to have back and will threaten permanent deletion of the files or publicly share them on the Internet. They most often target small and medium businesses because they know that the business will be unable to operate, so they will likely pay the ransom. There is no guarantee however, that they will even return control of the files.

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Viruses infect and spread rapidly, attaching themselves to files and damaging a system’s core functionality and deleting and corrupting files.

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Botnets are networks of infected computers, made to work together under the control of the cyber attacker. They infect as money computers, phones, and other connected devices as fast as possible. Botnets send out spam, viruses and trojans to as many inboxes as they can. With enough computers and time, botnets are also able to use brute force to uncover passwords and entry into private networks.

- The Best Way To Protect Against Malware -

The Human Firewall

Yes, yes, we know that we just said that the greatest threat to cyber security is human error. However, with great power comes great….well you know the rest. The point is, being aware of threats and knowing how to identify them is the greatest firewall that a business can have. That’s why we make it a point to educate our clients about potential threats and trends and what they can do to prevent a security breach.

Network Protection
  • Critical Monitoring 24x7x365
  • Firewall hardware, programming, and installation
  • Automatic Disk Cleanups, Patching, Monitoring
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Antivirus updates
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Content Filtering & Reporting
  • Regular firmware backups and updates
  • Secure wireless network access (Wi-Fi)
  • Web server protection
  • New security threats updates
  • Mobile device support
Proactive Support
  • 24/7 support
  • Phishing Protection
  • Network restriction best practice implementation
  • Spam Control
  • Staff cybersecurity training
  • VPN – Secure access for remote users
  • Monthly onsite visits
  • Ransomware Prevention
  • Spyware, malware protection
  • Managed technology relationships
  • Managed user ids and passwords
  • Disk encryption
  • Authorized users for roles and permissions
Business Continuity
  • 24×7 Monitoring for Backup Failure
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Hourly Backups Performed Automatically
  • Same Day Virtualization
  • Data is Secured in Three Places
  • Automatic Nightly Offsite Transfer
  • Backup Verification and Reporting
  • Comprehensive continuity training for employees
  • Email Archiving

Complete Protection From Cyber Attacks

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Plan

Your data is vital. Is your data secure? Would it survive a disaster? protect your business and sleep well at night knowing your data is ALWAYS safe.

Proactive Support

Managed IT Services

Fast response, commitment to customer service and the ability to deliver technology solutions that work exactly the way you want them to.

Cloud Computing Services

Easily collaborate on projects and stay connected with team members from any location and platform. Do more, work faster and save time

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